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"As a new mom I had no idea how difficult breastfeeding could potentially be. And although my doula had recommended that I attend a La Leche league meeting prior to giving birth to speak with other moms and hear first hand about their challenges I ignored this good advice and found myself at home a week after giving birth with a lot of pain from improper latching, low milk supply and a jaundiced infant who was not feeding properly. At my pediatrician's urging I started my baby on formula but was very reluctant to do so. I was not sure who I could turn to and ask questions regarding what formula to give and how to manage issues of bottle and breastfeeding. I also had no idea how to increase my milk production. My doula recommended I call Jessica and she answered my desperate call at 9pm on a weekend to answer my questions about bottles and formula. I immediately set up an appointment for her to come to my home to help with latching and low supply. I remember almost bursting into tears when she arrived at my door...I felt like my savior had arrived! Jessica showed me some new positions for feeding that I am still using 4 months later, got me started on a hospital grade pump to help with production levels and left behind several books for me to read that gave other tips on increasing supply. She was caring, supportive and encouraging. After meeting in person, Jessica continued to offer support and answers to my questions via email. Jessica's lactation support services are invaluable. If I had to give a single most important piece of advice to new mothers it would be to make an appointment with Jessica. My husband, baby and I are so thankful for her. I don't think I would have continued breastfeeding without her support." - A

"When our son was born, Jessica was our doula, so she was right there helping us from the start. As a first time mother, I cannot stress enough how breast feeding can be extremely challenging and if it were not for the support and guidance from Jessica, it would have been a very lonely and uncomfortable process. My favorite thing about Jessica is how open and receptive she is to your needs, so you feel completely comfortable saying or doing anything in front of her. She is great with the entire family - helping the mother, the baby and the partner. Thank you Jessica!" - J

"Jessica Barton at Santa Barbara Lactation was a lifesaver in those first few weeks after I gave birth to my child. As a new mom, I was confused and frustrated and seriously doubting myself. She helped me to believe in my ability to take care of my child's needs, though, and to just trust my instincts. I recommend her lactation services to every mom out there who is making a commitment to nursing her child. It may just be the hardest job out there, but there is support and Jessica is patient, knowledgeable and friendly. She made me feel comfortable to ask anything and pointed me towards a lot of additional online resources so that I could continue my education on breastfeeding after the consultation. I am eternally grateful to her for the continued support. I am happy to say that my little one and I are now really in synch and I owe that in part to Jessica for helping me stick with it." - A

"After being discharged after a challenging delivery, I called Jessica on Christmas Eve in tears not being able to get my baby to latch. I was so worried about her losing more weight and having to go back to the hospital. Jessica listened to my fears and came to my house at 8pm to help us on Christmas Eve. I believe this ranks up there with Sainthood! I have been telling every one how caring, supportive and knowledgable Jessica is. I will refer Jessica to anyone I hear in need of lactation assistance!" - N

"Jessica is an amazing resource for breastfeeding mothers. I found her to be calming, comforting, kind, thorough and extremely knowledgable. She is always readily available to answer questions and usually has some additional resources as well. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who has problems with or questions about breastfeeding. " - A

"What impressed me the most about Jessica when I first met her was that she diagnosed a problem with my baby that no one else saw. She went out of her way to get me the materials and resources to help me in my quest to breastfeed my baby and was extremely encouraging every step of the way. We are lucky to have someone like her in our community. If you need help with breastfeeding, I would definitely recommend her." - S

"Jessica Barton's hand's on assistance, advice and support was crucial to my breastfeeding success. Due to various reasons, my baby was 'stuck on the bottle' from the get-go, but I was determined to breastfeed.. After much hard work and practice, Jessica's ongoing support helped us get to where we wanted to be...100% breastfeeding. Her calming presence, knowledge and experience make her a wonderful lactation consultant." - S

"It took my baby and I three weeks to latch and I spent a lot of that time seeking lactation support. Jessica was one of my favorites: friendly but not intrusive, caring without being judgmental, knowledgeable, and calm. A real Godsend to us during that challenging time. And now we are breastfeeding pros!

I can't say enough good things about Jessica! She knows her stuff but is not in-your-face about it whatsoever. She LISTENS. Her steady and calm energy puts one at ease...and she might just make you laugh (or cry!) when you really need it most. Santa Barbara is lucky to have Jessica Barton as a resource!" - A

"I would highly recommend Jessica Barton as a lactation consultant. The first time I spoke to Jessica, I was in tears trying to breastfeed my newborn baby. My milk supply was low and my baby was not gaining weight. Jessica was able to calm me with a perfect balance of practical advice and emotional support.

Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and offered many supportive ideas for increasing my milk supply. But most of all it was Jessica’s positive support, encouragement and tenderness that kept me motivated to continue breastfeeding." - K

"Jessica is an amazing lactation consultant! She offers gentle, compassionate support and professional service to help breastfeeding moms, babies, and families throughout their breastfeeding journey. Highly recommended!" - R

"Jessica is wonderful, professional and approachable. I feel so supported by her and know that I can ask her any question and will get some great support & advice." - S

"Jessica is a wonderful and well-informed lactation consultant. She is a great choice to help you navigate the normal and not-so-normal challenges you may encounter as you nurse your baby." - D